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Spring: Sweater Addiction

My Pink Sweater

I cant get enough of this Oversized sweater I just bought to wear  this precious Season : spring. I love it cause it can cover my curves and make me look chic and relax, specially when you are going out with the kids!  This is my  mom style to take my daughter to skating classes , I needed something fresh and chill because all i do is sitting while I watch her ... that's why i also wore my fave sneakers , You guys all know that lol , and my Colombian made jeans  .
Being a mom doesn't mean you cant look good, my advice is always look comfortable but try to put some time on yourself . we are women we love looking at mirrors and say "wow I look Good" 
This sweater is really affordable and what I love about it is that you can wear it in every season !!  I found it in the Forever 21 Plus size women section .  The bigger the better ! 
Oh and I would never forget my Steve Madden Shades I just got to avoid the sun or maybe cover my face for those days when I…


Spring is sprouting and so am I

Hands down with this cute floral top , its texture is so soft and light , and the flowers design perfect for this season .  I'm not a Floral person but could not resist when I saw this one .. I cant explain why...  and of course is not that warm , we still have to cover up a little bit so I picked this long cardigan in a blush tone , to match with this cute top , also matches with other tones just in case you are wondering, try to match it with earth tones , Gray, white and black go well too.   I also got it in light Gray .
My bag has enough space for my wallet , cellphone, hands lotion and maybe something else . that's why I only wear it when I am not with the kids . 
I thought about this outfit when I got invited to my cousin Morgyn's bridal shower because it has soft tones to represent the beauty of a woman, the sophistication but not forgetting the grace of the youth!

This whole outfit is called my "smart shopping spring outfit&quo…